The Center for International Studies (CIS), founded in March 1997, is a research wing of the Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University. The CIS aims at promoting and supporting research activities that are theory-generating and policy relevant as well as those that can help educate competent international experts in the fields of international trade and finance, security and development cooperation, international organizations and law, and area studies. The main strength of the CIS lies in its interdisciplinary research. Factors affecting international relations are so diverse and multi-dimensional that no one academic discipline is likely to provide satisfactory explanations and solutions. Taking the interdisciplinary perspective as a fundamental feature of international studies, the Center supports research projects spanning multiple fields of international relations. Major activities are as following:
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□  Major Activities

1) Research
    - Academic research on new curricula development to support       training international professionals and research funded by       outside organizations

2) Education & Training
   - External sponsored training of government officials and      employees of other organizations involved in international      affairs

3) External Collaboration
   - Research alliance with major international institutes -      information collection & analysis on recent activities of      domestic and international training institute for international      professionals

4) Other Activities
    - Periodic international academic conferences and seminars       on major issues of international studies publication and       dissemination of working paper series of major researches