MOON, Chung-in
  Dept. of Political Science, Yonsei Univ
  Aug. 1997 ~ Aug. 1999
  E-Mail :
  TEL : 82-2-2123-2953   FAX : 82-2-365-5524
Professor, Dept. Political Science, Yonsei University
1984 Ph.D Political Science, University of Maryland, USA
1981 M.A Political Science, University of Maryland, USA
1977 B.A Philosophy, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Research and Academic Employment
1995-present Professor, Dept. Political Science, Yonsei University
1996-present Adjunct Professor, Asia-Pacific Studies Institute, Duke University
2003-2005 Adjunct Professor, IOMBA, Geneva University
2000-2002 Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
1985-1994 Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
1984-1985 Visiting Assistant Professor, Williams College
Professional ServicesAcademic Activities
2004-present Chairman, Presidential Committee on Northeast Asia Cooperation Initiave, Republic of Korea
2003-2004 Member of Social Science Division, UNESCO-Korea Commission
2003-2004 Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea
2003-2004 Advisor, Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea
1999-present Advisor, the National Security Council, Office of the President, Republic of Korea
1999-present Vice Chairman, Committee on Humanities and Social Sciences, UNESCO-Korea Commission
1998-2000 Advisor, the President of the Republic of Korea (Public Sector Reform)
1996-present Consultant, the United Nations University
Professional Activities
2002-2003 Vice-president, International Studies Association (North America)
2002-present Associate Coordinator, World International Studies Committee
1997-2000 Non-North American Representative, Governing Council, the International Studies Association
1996-1997 Chairman, Committee on International Affairs, Korea Political Science Association
1995-1997 Secretary General, Organizing Committee, the 17th Seoul World Congress, International Political Science Association
2003-present Editorial Board Member, International Studies Quarterly.
2001-present Editorial Board Member, European Journal of International Relations
1997-present Editorial Board Member, International Politics
1997-present Editorial Board Member, Global Governance
1994-present Editorial Board Member, Asian Perspective
Academic PublicationsBooks
States, Markets, and Just Growth (Tokyo: United Nations University, 2003), co-edited with Atul Kohli, George Sorensen.

Constitutional Handbook on Korean Unification (Seoul: Korea Economic Research Institute, 2002), co-edited with Sung-hee Jwa, Jeong-ho Roh.

Korea in Transition: Three Years under the Kim Dae-jung Government (Seoul: Yonsei University Press, Asian Studies Program, Georgetown University, 2002), co-edited with David I. Steinberg.

Understanding Korean Politics (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2001), co-edited with Soong hoom Kil.

Economic Crisis and Structural Reforms in South Korea: Assessments and Implications (Washington, D.C.: Economic Strategic Institute, 2000), co-authored with Jongryn Mo.

Arms Control on the Korean Peninsula (Seoul: Yonsei University Press, 1996)

Alliance under Tension: The Evolution of U.S.--South Korean Relations (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1988), co-authored with Man Woo Lee and Ronald McLaurin.
“Changing South Korean Perception of the United States Since September 11,” Aziya Kenkyu(亞細亞硏究) Vol. 50, No. 2 April, (2004)

“The North Korean Nuclear Crisis and the Choice for South Korea,” in IFANS (ed.), Coping with Korea’s Security Challenges (Seoul: IFANS, 2004)

“South Korea's International Relations: Challenges to Developmental Realism?” Samuel Kim(ed), The International Relations of Northeast Asia, (Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc, 2004) with Taewhan Kim

"Business-Government Relations under Kim Dae Jung," in Stephan Haggard, Wonhyuck Lim and Euysung Kim(ed.), Economic Crisis and Corporate Restructuring in Korea (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003), with Jongryn Mo

“The Bush Doctrine and the North Korean Nuclear Crisis,” Asian Perspective (Special Issue on the Bush Doctrine and Asia) Vol. 27, No. 4, (2003) with Jong-Yun Bae

“The North Korean Nuclear Crisis Revisited: The case for a Negotiated Settlement,” Security Dialogue Vol. 34, no. 2 (June 2003), with Chung-hoon Lee

“Sovereignty: Dominance of the Westphalian Concept and Implications for Regional Security,” Muthiah Alagappa (ed.), Asian Security Order (Standford: Standford Univ Press, 2003) with Chasung Chun.

There are more than 20 authored and edited books and more than 200 journal articles and book chapters in Korean/English.